Baywest Communications Inc.
                   Office: 425-377-2277

Network Cable and Wiring

We Design, Configure, and Install Cabling Networks to meet customer needs. The technical support staff at Baywest are trained and ready to help you determine your network communication needs and to implement the best solution for your company. We work with our customers to identify their needs and establish a network system that offers future planning and reliability. We are experienced in multiple cabling networks ranging from:
  • Category:
    • 3 (telephone)
    • Ethernet 5 and 6 (see table below for differences)
  • Coax:
    • RG-58
    • RG-59
    • RG-6 [Thinnet]
  • Multi-Pair Voice Riser
  • PVC
  • Plenum
  • Outside Plant Cable

   Cat5E Cat6 Cat6A 
Speed   10-1000 BSE-T Ethernet 10-10G Gigabit Ethernet  
 Frequency 100MHz 250MHz
 Length 350Mbit/s over 100 meters   1000Mbit/s over 100 meters  
Notes  50 meter length can perform at/near 1000Base-T speeds  Thicker-gauge wire than Cat5(E), increased shielding, more pair twists per inch to reduce noise and interference  

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