Baywest Communications Inc.
                   Office: 425-377-2277


Baywest offers service in Single and Multi-mode Fiber Optics, and will work with side-by-side with the customer to determine what type of fiber best fits the customer's needs. 

  Single-Mode  Multi-Mode
 Definition Allows for a single light-mode to travel through single fiber Allows for multiple light-modes to travel through single fiber
 Structure Smaller core: 9um core, 8.3-10 microns  Larger core: 50 or 62.5um core, 50-100 microns
Bandwidth  Higher Lower
(loss due to bends in fiber)
Lower  Higher
 Distance Longer distance (50x more than multi), over 550 meters Shorter distance
Under 550 meters
Speed   Higher Bandwidth
100Mbs, 5kms

 Uses  Telecom and CATV Networks LAN, Security Systems, General Usage

Baywest's fiber capabilities include the:
  • Instillation
  • Termination (LC, SC, or ST available)
  • Locating
  • Testing
  • Splicing
  • Cleaning

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